Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

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Stygian Phoenix Studios

Stygian Phoenix Studios, the child progeny of Crystara Studios taking care of thigns directly not related to Crystara and deemed to be things which will not see official publication or other side-projects I deem to fall here; mostly fan-related works or non-originals.

Rurouni Taikai III: The Cage of Dreams/RT3: Groundworks

Date: July 01, 2002~Aug. 16, 2003 (tournament), site uncompletd
Info: A tournament hosted solely by me in the line of the RT/Survivor series that is based at and finally come to a close. RT3: Groundworks is everything behind and about it, and is in-process.

Pieces of Styx

Date: 1999~
Info: Pieces of Styx was the first project of D. 'Mintaka' Peal, and though its been on and off in its existence, its it now a permanent web staple on the ajoraNET network.  A tribute to the band Styx and its members, a wealth of knowledge - and yes, opinions - that no Styx fan should be without.

Kaiki no Reiniku

Date: 2002~
Info: A site dedicated to the Star Ocean series by Tri-Ace and Enix/Square-Enix.  Focus mainly on Star Ocean 2 & it's anime, Star Ocean: EX.

Dust to Gold

Date: Dec. 2003~
Info: A character shrine collective collecting Tangency, FLickering Flames, Time of Truth, Incarnation of the Devil, and Phoenix Rising.  Individual listings for them as follows, providing they're operational sites and not coming soons.


Date: Mid 2002~
Info: A site dedicated to Ajora (and Altima) of Final Fantasy Tactics with info.  Not completed yet.

Flickering Flames

Date: Nov. 2001~
Info: A sit dedicated to loki of Valkyrie Profilem and the most extendive and "complete" shrine, but not finished by any means.  There is always room for fiction and art!

Time of Truth

Date: Dec. 2003~
Info: A site dedicated to Indalecio of Star Ocean: The Second Story. Small, but has info about the character.  Not fully complete, missing 1-2 sections.

*reserved space for Incarnation of the Devil*

*reserved space for Phoenix Rising*

[ APA ]

Date: May 2003~
Info: Ass-Plate Appreciation clique.  Those who enjoy FFT and want to have a laugh at Rama's armor welcomed.  XD

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

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