Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

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Cyclion Studios was opened on the web in August 2003, but existed in name long before that as the umbrella for the project "Crystara" and other endevours. Caliconic Studios catches the grey between Crystara and Stygian Phoenix Studios, which handles the fan-site site designs.

We are currently NOT taking any projects on; as soon as things are right, we may start offering to take commisions.

All three are copyright 2003 D. 'Mintaka' Peal.

Creator Bio:
D. 'Mintaka' Peal, aka Deborah Anne Peal, is 21 years old and a creative person. She lives in California currently, and is unemployed at the moment, though seeking employment. Should you need to contact her, you can reach ehr at the following:

email: studio [at] crystara . com
AIM: Caliconic

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

Cyclion Studios copyright 2003-2004 D. "Mintaka" Peal and may not be copied or used, in part or whole, without express permission.
See FAQ for contact information.