Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

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Crystara Studios

Crystara Studios is the production name that encases all things relate to Crystara , as well as the artistic endevours of D. "Mintaka" Peal plus site designs by her.  Below is a listing of the credits of Crystara Studios designs.


Date: Site: June 26, 2002~ (Idea since 1996/1997 onward)
Info: Crystara is the home base of the project Crystara, the brainchild of D. 'Mintaka' Peal that is two-fold; a base of operations to gain interest and notice for Crystara for the Graphic Novel side, and a place to let out creativity and just entertain with the comic-project.


Date: August 16 2003~
Info: The comic based on Crystara not directly linked to the storyline planned.

Monochromatic Butterfly
(formerly Kikkyou)

Date: early 2001~
Info: D. 'Mintaka' Peal's art portfolio online and showcase for fan and original artworks.  Covers ALL aspects fo the site, including the artwork.

Silver Dreams [Design and BASIC content [non-fiction] only. All the rest is copyright Luna.]

Date: 2003~
Info: Collection of Luna's written works as directed by her.  Design and basic content layout falls under the studio - actual fictional works are hers.

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

Cyclion Studios copyright 2003-2004 D. "Mintaka" Peal and may not be copied or used, in part or whole, without express permission.
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