Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

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Caliconic Studios

Caliconic is the love-child of Stygian Phoenix and Crystara, picking up various things that fit into the very grey area in between them, and a piece of the triptych of the creative process.

Ichor Angelus Network

Date: May 21, 2003~
Info: The main portal for the works of D. 'Mintaka' Peal.

Phoenyx Rebirth

Date: Late 2003~
Info: Phoenyx Rebirth sia project reborn yet again, and this time it is settled what will happen; it is a novel that will reinvent the story I had in mind, and tell a tale that will go thorough many things.

Massacre Speech Eternal Machine

Date: 2001~
Info: Mintaka's personal Blog turned article machine.  Collects serious thought ratehr then daily life.

Garden of Debris

Date: 2002~
Info: Collection of writing both fan-based and original (unrelated to Crystara currrently). Put in Caliconic due to mixed content, despite being hevilly steeped in fan-related works.

[ Desolation Angel ]

Date: 2001~
Info: Reincarnation of Dedication and Cacophonic, personal site to D. "Mintaka" Peal.  Name varies depending on version, [ D. A.] being the subtitle that sticks.

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

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