Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

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Welcome to Cyclion Studios, the creative nucleus of studios run by Deborah Anne Peal, aka D. "Mintaka" Peal.

This is the home productive base of its creator, the center for three studios of design and art:

Crystara Studios :: All things Crystara, as well as her art-related sites :: Monochromatic Butterfly and it's subsites.
Caliconic Studios :: Non-Crystara, non-fanwork sites, including Ichor Angelus Network..
Stygian Phoenix Studios :: Fan works and projects unrelated to Crystara not slated under Caliconic for various reasons [re: tournament hosting from]

Each one ahs their purpose.  To cater to a specific item.  Crystara Studios is exclusive to original works or creative projects only. Most outside desisns probably fall under this such as the design behind Silver Dreams. Caliconic cradles the stuff between the exclusivity and the fandoms. It catches such projects as Phoenyx Rebirth and Garden of Debris, which is both fan and original. SP Studios is the fandom-related catch-all plus collector of projects not exclisive to Crystara nor deemed under Caliconic. Messy somewhat, but effective.  SP was the original; Crystara was for the high-end stuff and that which will possibly eb slated for market/selling.  Caliconic is personal.

Currently web work is not for sale. This may change though.  Keep posted.

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Crystara Studios ++ Creation is the Complex ++

Cyclion Studios copyright 2003-2004 D. "Mintaka" Peal and may not be copied or used, in part or whole, without express permission.
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